Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chic Wine Girl

This is sort of an adaptation on last week's drink and draw topic, "Your favorite alcoholic beverage as a woman" but not what I did last week. This is only the value shading, I'll color/fix/finish it by the end of the week or this weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Milk Lizard and Crawfish

Ink - Neal Russler
Color/Photoshop - Matt Johnson

Ink - Neal Russler
Color/Photoshop - Matt Johnson

Figure Studies from 2007

Sorry for the whacky photo quality. I'm getting better though. :)

Skittles and Mayan Thing

Something I did in high school (wow that's like 8 years ago) that I really liked. We always said it would make a great skittles ad.

"Mayan" thing below was me scribbling with the mouse at a job where I had to work saturdays by myself, and then turning it into something somewhat cleaner with some distressing. I've got a huge print of this framed if anyone wants it. :)

Last Americans

This is the first Page (one cell only) of a comic in development called "The Last Americans".

Pencils - Tony Veronese
Ink - Neal Russler
Photoshop/Color - Yours Truly

Figure Study from Class

15min sketch from a figure drawing session, turned into a 1hr digital painting just trying to figure everything out.

Digital Painting

One of the first Digital paintings and the process pictures...sketch, original source and about midway finished. I changed her face (sorry sweetheart, whoever you are) but I was going for something.

Looks like a Grand Theft Auto Ad if you ask me. :)

First Sketch Upload...

More to come! I did this quick and dirty sketch on the tablet last night, but I'm going to post some older stuff over the course of the next couple of weeks just to get it all in one place.