Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Around the World and Back Again


Wow, it has already been a month since the Imaginism Studios workshop wrapped up. I've only managed to fit in random digital sketches and some small commissions over the last few weeks. Rest assured, they are better than anything I could do before, but I still haven't had the chance to unleash the full power of 'the box'...haha.

I assure you, however, it is for good reason, I promise! I've been very busy. Take a look at the pictures here and you'll see. 

As pictured above, I did a photoshoot with a lovely friend of mine, Gabby, after we re-outfitted the living room to be an impromptu studio with amazing results. I'll be posting photos from the 6 or 7 hours of shooting we did for the next several months, at least. Not to mention the artistic reference shots I took that I hope to turn into wonderful works of art before all is said and done. 


After that, I got the honor of being this month's Featured Artist at Blick Art Materials here in Paramus. I thought they only wanted ONE piece from me, it turns out they wanted TWELVE! 

That's great news, but it took a lot of scrambling to get everything framed and ready to be put up. My living room and studio were a living art gallery for a day or two until I could transport all the art. Haha.

The end result is this. Not the best display of my work since most of it is so small, I really like for people to be able to get up close and personal with it. However, its still on a wall, doing what it does best....being seen. Hopefully some great contacts come of it or some customers want to buy the pieces right off the wall. 


Lastly, there were a few prints that needed to be mailed, the one above went to my good friend Joe and I couldn't have been happier to frame it up and ship it out for him. 
As you can see, it has been an eventful month so far. I won't even go into the large amount of writing and graphic design projects I've received that have kept me up at night as well. However, when there is money to be made, and it is needed urgently, sometimes we do what we have to do. No complaints here, I'm fortunate to get asked to do so many different things by so many different people. 

Oh, and lets not forget about filming and editing the video about the Imaginism Workshop....there was that, too. Phew. I'm making myself tired just thinking about all this at once. 

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