Friday, September 14, 2012

Photoshop Painting Process

I just wanted to show the process here and a share a little bit about that... I did several thumbnails of several creatures VERY quickly (look at #1 in the sketches, they were all super rough sort of like that), then when I decided that sketch was my favorite, I did three more in another few minutes, just to solidify the feelings and emotions I wanted Sherman to have.

Next, I spent about an hour on the black and white rough, and then another few hours detailing, refining shapes, and coloring.

This was something that was drilled into me at the Imaginism Studios In-House Workshop, how design and visualization before putting in too much work can make your final product that much more interesting, and also fun to paint.

I hope that answers some questions, and if you have more, I'm always around! Email me or friend me on facebook or twitter any time.

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